Alok Sahay Country Manager India Saarc

Alok Sahay,
Sales Director, India
+91 8800-67 77 99

Welcome to India!

Hi! My name is Alok and I'm your local representative in India. Looking for a cyber security solution and vulnerability management? Let's talk! 

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Faurani Ahmad Sales director Southeast Asia

Ahmad Faurani
Sales Director, Southeast Asia
+60 19 434 2727

Welcome to Malaysia!

Hi! My name is Ahmad Faurani and I'm your local representative in Malaysia. Looking for a cyber security solution and vulnerability management? Let's talk! 

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Cristian Miranda
Key Account Manager, Finland
+46 8-550 05 582

Tervetuloa Suomeen!

Hei! Nimeni on Cristian Miranda ja olen paikallinen edustajasi Suomessa. Etsitkö tietoturvaratkaisua ja haavoittuvuuksien hallintaa? Puhutaan!

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Victor Bunge Meyer
Key Account Manager, Sverige
+46 08-550 05 582

Holm Security i Sverige

Välkommen till Holm Security i Sverige! Jag heter Victor och är din lokala kontakt. Kontakta mig om du vill veta mera om vårt system eller sårbarhetsanalyser. 

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Beth Murrell holm security

Beth Murrell
Sales Development Representative, Benelux
+31-20-238 63 94

Welkom in de Benelux!

Mijn naam is Beth Murrell en ik ben uw lokale vertegenwoordiger in Nederland, België en Luxemburg. Op zoek naar een cyberveiligheidsoplossing en kwetsbaarheidsbeheer? Laten we praten!

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jens dahlkvist holm security

Jens Dahlkvist
Key Account Manager, Norge
+46 8-550 05 582

Holm Security i Norge

Velkommen til Holm Security i Sverige! Jeg heter Victor og er din lokale kontaktperson. Kontakt meg hvis du vil vite mer om systemet vårt eller sårbarhetsanalyser.

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