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Recorded Webinar

NIS2 & CER Directives - What Are They, to Whom, and When? (In Finnish)

Under the new EU-wide Directive, many more entities and sectors will be required to take steps that will aid in improving cyber security in Europe. These steps include: addressing supply chain security, reporting obligations, stricter supervisory measures, and harsher enforcement requirements.

MINT SECURITY is partnering with Holm Security to deliver an informative Webinar to help understand what these directives mean to the everyday life of businesses in Finland. 

Cristian Miranda
Vulnerability Management Expert
Thomas Malmerg Headshot
Thomas Malmerg
Cyber Security Expert, Mint Security
Saku Headshot
Saku Tuominen
Cyber Security Expert, Mint Security

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This webinar will cover: 

  • The NIS Directive - What is it? 
  • CER Resilience Directive for critical operators - What is it? 
  • How the new directives affect everyday lives of all businesses - not just critical operators
  • How NIS2 will positively impact cyber security readiness across the EU
  • The status of NIS2 - How long to prepare?