New NIS2 Requirements for Cyber Hygiene

Research shows that over 90% of all incidents start with a human element. As a response, the EU has included cyber hygiene practices and cyber security training as part of the NIS2 Directive.

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Cyber Hygiene Measures

Cyber hygiene refers to the measures individuals and organizations take to maintain good cyber security health and protect their digital environments from cyber threats. It involves taking proactive and preventive steps to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and ensure the overall security of information systems.


Article 21 (2G)

Basic cyber hygiene practices and cyber security training.

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Key Aspects of Cyber Hygiene

Data backups

Access control

IoT security

Mobile security

Password management

Software updates and patching

Secure Wi-Fi best practices

Incident response planning

Secure web browsing

Compliance with regulations

Phishing awareness & employee training

Firewall and security software (like anti-virus)

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