NIS2 with a Focus on Securing the Supply Chain

Recent incidents all over the world have proven the importance of continuity within critical supply chains (i.e. supply chain must function and continue to flow smoothly), which is why NIS2 has introduced it as one of its key focus points. Individual organizations will be responsible for addressing cyber security risks in their own supply chains as well as within supplier relationships.

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Millions of Suppliers Must Comply with NIS2

This supply chain requirement might indirectly influence many suppliers who are not considered to be in the scope of the new NIS2 Directive but might nevertheless deliver services or products to an in-scope NIS2 entity. Hence, their customer might impose a minimal cyber security maturity. The supplier will not be supervised by the national authorities regarding NIS2, but rather by their customer. Therefore, NIS2 might still impact a supplier depending on its service and sector. 

This means that millions of organizations within and outside of the EU will have to comply with NIS2 as a supplier.

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Supply Chain Risks


Introduction of malware or ransomware into supply chain systems can lead to data loss, operational disruption or shutdowns if critical systems are affected, and financial losses.

Lost & Not Found

Weak cyber security practices when outsourcing data storage and IT infrastructure can result in data loss, operational disruption, and financial losses.


Phishing attacks targeting employees or stakeholders in the supply chain can lead to unauthorized access, credential theft, or the installation of malware.

People Problems

Employees or individuals with insider access may intentionally or unintentionally pose risks to the supply chain by engaging in malicious activities or making errors.

System Failure

Cyberattacks on manufacturing systems or industrial control systems (OT/SCADA) can impact production processes.

Data Theft

Cyber adversaries may target supply chain organizations to steal intellectual property, designs, or proprietary information.

Loss of Data Integrity

Unauthorized access or manipulation of data within the supply chain can lead to compromised data integrity, affecting the accuracy and reliability of information.

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