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Complete Packages for NIS & NIS2 Risk Assessment Compliance.

We provide complete packages to fully support your risk-based efforts to comply with NIS and NIS2 – all in one platform with complete attack surface coverage.

compliance packages

How We Help You with NIS & NIS2 Compliance

System & Network Scanning

Take control of security across your systems, computers, OT/SCADA, and IoT devices.

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Web Application Scanning

Proficiently detect extensive web application vulnerabilities, including OWASP Top 10.

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Identify and remediate vulnerabilities across your cloud infrastructure and cloud-native platforms.

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Identify vulnerabilities in your application interfaces by leveraging OWASP API Top 10 with advanced security assessment techniques.

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Phishing & Awareness Training

Build your human firewall with the help of simulated phishing attacks and automated and tailored awareness training.

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Certification Program

Training provided by our Training Center to get certified within vulnerability management in general as well as our platform.

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Holm Security Success Programs

Continuous support and guidance from our Vulnerability Management Experts.

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Don't Wait Until It's Too Late. We'll Help You Comply with NIS2 Regulations.

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