Automated & Continuous Risk Assessments are Crucial under NIS & NIS2

Risk assessments are essential in the context of NIS and NIS2, as they play a fundamental role in identifying, evaluating, and managing cyber security risks within critical infrastructure and essential services.


A Complete Platform for Risk Assessments

Holm Security’s Next-Gen Vulnerability Management Platform (VMP) provides market-leading coverage for performing risk assessments across your entire attack surface, including your most important attack vectors. The platform covers everything from traditional systems to cloud-native platforms.

Understand Your Exposure & Find Blank Spots

Our platform continuously identifies new assets, asset changes, blank spots, and shadow IT.

Automatically Monitor Attack Surface Changes

With our event monitoring, you can get notified automatically when unwanted network and system changes occur.  

Minimize the Attack Surface

Understanding your attack surface will help you reduce it by eliminating unnecessary assets (blank spots) and finding vulnerabilities in exposed assets.

Find Vulnerabilities in All Attack Vectors

Our market-leading Next-Gen Vulnerability Management platform finds vulnerabilities throughout your entire attack surface.

Creates a Proactive Cyber Defense

By combining our ASM with our market-leading Next-Gen Vulnerability Management platform, you create a proactive cyber defense.

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