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Automated & Continuous Risk Assessments are Crucial under NIS & NIS2.

Risk assessments are essential in the context of NIS and NIS2, as they play a fundamental role in identifying, evaluating, and managing cyber security risks within critical infrastructure and essential services. The NIS directives emphasize the importance of risk assessments as part of a broader strategy to enhance the overall cyber security resilience of organizations covered by the directives. Here are key reasons why risk assessments are essential in the NIS2 Directive.

Calculating risk

Risk Assessments Create Proactivity & a Systematic Approach Toward Cyber Threats

Performing continuous risk assessments as part of the vulnerability management workflow creates a systematic approach toward cyber threats. This approach positions your organization as proactive, meaning you will focus on preventing incidents rather than cleaning up after the fact.
Holm Security’s Next-Gen VMP

A Complete Platform for Risk Assessments

Holm Security’s Next-Gen Vulnerability Management Platform (VMP) provides market-leading coverage for performing risk assessments across your entire attack surface, including your most important attack vectors. The platform covers everything from traditional systems to cloud-native platforms.

Vulnerability Management Platform

Holographic lock and key in center of radial scanning
Vulnerability management platform

VMP Scanning

The VMP allows you to set up automated and continuous assessments that run in the background without impact on the system. This minimizes time and effort on your part, increasing efficiency.

One Platform, Risk Model & Workflow

Our platform not only provides your organization with the tools needed for NIS and NIS2 compliance. By combining assessments of the most important attack vectors into one platform with one workflow and one risk model, you will be able to spend more time strengthening your cyber defense and less time coordinating across systems.

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