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11 Steps to NIS2 Compliance

Achieving compliance with the NIS2 Directive requires a structured and systematic approach. The steps to NIS2 compliance may vary based on specific national implementations or industry requirements, but the following general steps can serve as a guideline.

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11 Steps to Compliance


Does it apply to you?

The first step is to determine whether your organization falls under the scope of NIS2. Identify whether you are an essential or important entity according to the definitions provided in the Directive.


Understand requirements

Familiarize yourself with the specific cyber security requirements outlined in NIS2. These requirements may vary depending on your organization's classification.



Perform a thorough cyber security risk assessment to identify the vulnerabilities your organization has and potential threats it faces. This assessment will help you understand where your organization's vulnerabilities lie and what measures are needed to mitigate risks.


Develop a cyber security strategy

Based on the results of the risk assessment and NIS2 requirements, create a comprehensive cyber security strategy and action plan. This plan should outline how you intend to address identified vulnerabilities and meet the NIS2 compliance requirements.


Implement security measures

Put in place the technical and organizational security measures necessary to protect your critical infrastructure and digital services. Ensure that these measures are in line with the latest technology/practices/standards and are proportionate to the risks your organization faces.


Incident response plan

Develop an incident response plan that outlines how your organization will detect, report, and respond to cyber security incidents. Ensure that your plan aligns with NIS2 requirements for incident reporting.


Monitor &

Continuously monitor your cyber security measures and conduct regular testing and simulations of your incident response plan. This will help you identify and address weaknesses in your security posture.



In the event of a significant cyber security incident, promptly report it to the national competent authorities, as required by NIS2.


Demonstrate compliance

Maintain documentation that demonstrates your compliance with NIS2 requirements. This includes records of risk assessments, security measures implemented, incident reports, and other relevant information.


& update

Periodically review and update your cyber security strategy and measures to adapt to evolving threats and changes in your organization's operations.


Cooperate & share information

Collaborate with other organizations and national competent authorities.

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