A Major Leap Toward NIS2 Compliance.

Holm Security has helped hundreds of organizations throughout the EU comply with the NIS Directive and is now helping more to comply with NIS2. Multiple local authorities specifically point out vulnerability management as one of the required areas of focus. We provide the tools you need to take huge steps towards compliance.


Vulnerability Management Platform (VMP)

By choosing our Next-Gen Vulnerability Management Platform, you're not only protecting your organization from cyber threats but also gaining a competitive advantage. Demonstrate your commitment to security excellence and regulatory compliance, building trust with your customers and partners alike.


NIS2 Requirements   Our Solution
  • Take systematic, analytical, risk-based steps within information security and perform risk assessments. 


  • We provide a market-leading platform for automated and continuous risk assessments (vulnerability management). 
  • Perform risk assessments during the implementation phase as well as during daily maintenance work.


  • Our platform will help carry out risk assessments in the initial phase as well as daily maintenance. 
  • Implement basic cyber hygiene practices and cyber security training.


  • We help customers strengthen their human defense against phishing attacks with phishing simulation and tailored and automated awareness training.
  • As risk assessments are a key factor for NIS2 compliance, it will be a requirement for your suppliers to do such assessments.


  • We do risk assessments for customers and their suppliers.
  • Be able to demonstrate compliance today and in the future.


  • Our reports and data show compliance from the very first day of usage.
  • Management supervises the implementation of risk management.


  • Our platform can fully automate the process for management to supervise continuous risk assessments based on easy-to-consume statistics and data.
  • Avoid administrative sanctions, lost permits, certifications, and penalties.


  • We help prevent these scenarios by proactively finding and mitigating risks or vulnerabilities.


Don't Wait Until It's Too Late. We'll Help You Comply with NIS2 Regulations.

Start your compliance journey now.