Certification Program

With the help of Holm Security's Certification Program, you will gain all the knowledge and skills needed to implement a comprehensive vulnerability management strategy so that you can always stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Completion of certification demonstrates a deep understanding of Holm Security's solutions, including product and technical knowledge. The Certification Program is aimed toward Security Officers, IT System Engineers, or System Administrators.

With our Certification Program, you will gain the knowledge and product expertise needed to take your security program to the next level. We guide you in your quest to become a certified IT professional in the field of Vulnerability Management.

Certification Program Pricing

Maximum 10 attendees in total from each organization. Pricing is based on that the attendees are from the same organization.

  • First attendee: 1,000 €
  • All additional attendees: 500 €

Holm Security VMP Certification

Become a Vulnerability Management Expert

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Theoretical Training

General theoretical training within vulnerability management supervised by a qualified and trained instructor. 

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Practical Experience

Get real-life experience and practice working with vulnerability management through practical training in Holm Security VMP. 

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After the program, you will be certified in vulnerability management in general and our platform Holm Security VMP.  


Focus Areas in The Certification Program

Best Practices

What should you scan, and how often? We'll help you on the way. We'll go over all the best practices of vulnerability management.

Work Processes

How to make vulnerability management a part of your day-to-day work for a more proactive and effective cyber security defense.

Vulnerability Management KPIs

Which KPIs should you focus on? We help you understand the most important metrics.

Structure & Prioritize

Vulnerability Management can lead to information overflow. Learn how to structure and prioritize assets and vulnerabilities.