Adding Value with Vulnerability Management

Stichting de Posten, a healthcare organization located in the heart of the East District in the Netherlands, offers a pleasant life to the seniors, with professional care and treatment. The services range from household care, personal care, and nursing at home to intensive nursing home care and dementia and geriatric rehabilitation care. 

Customer Zorgcentrum de Posten
Industry Healthcare & Eldercare
Customer Since 2021
Products Phishing & Awareness Training, System & Network Scanning and Web Application Scanning

For Stichting de Posten, meeting residents' and customers' expectations for quality care is essential. As their IT environment grows, it's becoming incredibly difficult to obtain visibility into every aspect of the attack surface. Stichting de Posten opted for Holm Security Next-Gen Vulnerability Management Platform, looking for a complete vulnerability management platform covering human and technical assets.

Safety of Clients First

Stichting de Posten has a clear position on security, where the safety of employees and clients is paramount.

We do it for the residents of our nursing homes and home care clients. We want to keep their data and that of our employees safe. We always put them first.

Being an organization where privacy is of the highest importance, Stichting de Posten first started using Holm Security's Next-Gen Vulnerability Management platform's phishing tool. Taking the first steps toward increasing phishing awareness and protecting sensitive information by training and educating their over 850 employees on the latest phishing attempts.

Penetration Testing Not Being Enough

After starting and increasingly using SaaS applications, assessing the security of their networks and external applications, Stichting De Posten realized they needed more testing and monitoring to ensure the safety of their entire attack surface. Feeling that a yearly penetration test wasn't enough to provide the details required, Erik Neurink, ICT coordinator at Stichting de Posten,  came in contact with Holm Security. Where he found that Holm Security VMP could help identify both technical and human vulnerabilities on a continuous and automated basis. Providing complete visibility into the entire attack surface. 

Holm Security's platform stands out from its competitors. It's a complete product. Working with Holm Security has been a great experience. We don't only want a supplier – what we have is a partnership. The platform provides great insight into what needs to be done to strengthen our systems and focus on the most important things. Our IT team has significantly reduced our vulnerability exposure and better protected the confidentiality of Stichting de Posten's information.

An Extra Layer Of Protection

Erik now feels peace of mind using a Next-Gen Vulnerability Management Platform as an extra layer of protection on top of firewalls, 2FO, certificates, etc. The IT team is alerted to any new critical vulnerabilities and can act immediately. Having that extra layer of protection means that Stichting de Posten can keep their company and client data even more secure. For most companies, it is about spending as little time as possible on security management. The faster you can detect and respond to security breaches, the more likely it is that you will be able to prevent a breach. 

Before using Holm Security VMP, we always wondered if we were safe. The platform gives us the insights and reassurance that we need. We are pleased that we found a platform that offers us great functionality for a reasonable price.

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