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Hospitals and healthcare organizations are extremely vulnerable to cyber criminals. Hospitals and healthcare institutions all around Europe report data breaches every day. In addition to the increased pressure on the healthcare sector, as a result of new legislation, there are also various IT challenges in healthcare. Outdated systems, the requirement from the government to make treatment data accessible to your clients. Is the new EPD software safe? In addition, new requirements are set regarding information security through the NEN7510. These processes will contribute to resolving cyber threats from the outside, but what about the inside? Furthermore, there is an increasing demand for reporting and a so-called continuity plan.

Holm Security - an experienced player in healthcare

The Holm Security VMP uses the same techniques as malicious hackers but to the advantage of organizations. By setting up automated scans for your network components and applications, you receive a full overview of the vulnerabilities in your IT environment. Reports can be arranged and delivered as desired, and provide you, your management and external stakeholders with insights in the state of your IT environment and the progress you make in making it safer.

A simple process

The process? We create an inventory of your entire IT environment by using a discovery scan. Here we present the assets that are active within your network and the way applications are built. Based on this blueprint, we jointly create a scan plan based on effectively getting control. The next phase is the construction of frequent vulnerability scans and the automation of reports and notifications. By doing so, you can focus on further strengthening your IT environment.

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Holm Security VMP helps your organization get IT security under control and provides insight on how vulnerable your organization is to threats. We offer you all the information you need to resolve vulnerabilities and strengthen your IT security.