What is web application security?

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Stefan Thelberg

January 30, 2021

Website security is an important part of doing business online. Your business can involve money or trust, but one thing that is certain is that when people trust your site for one reason or another, it has to be secure.
There are usually security solutions either inbuilt or offered by the company hosting the site, but for the more serious clients, this is something that has to be looked at with great care and attention.

So, what is it?

Website security is used for a few reasons. A reason for having website security would be to keep unwanted people or bots out of the system and private information, and /or breaking your website’s look and code. Website security is also for a website that may take credit card payments and needs to be PCI DSS secure. Items that are used are secure protocols like HTTPS, using a bank gateway, firewalls on the system blocking access to ports, and other sensitive items.

Depending on what the site is used for, a firewall and virus/malware scanner may be all that needs to be in place. Sites that have no information that would require them to be PCI DSS compliant, such as a site simply used to display art, do not need the more advanced versions of website security, but for everything else, it is a must.


There are many different things to consider when thinking about website security. For one thing, your website must be kept up-to-date. Another thing that must be kept in mind is that your site needs vulnerability testing done regularly. Malware scans, pentesting, and source code testing are very important as well. More than simply locating and identifying problems, however, a responsible website administrator needs to actively set up systems that block many different types of attacks. Firewalls, DDoS prevention, XSS prevention, and SQLi prevention needs to be implemented to safeguard the website in question.


There is no shortage of possible attack points on a website on a system. There are thousands upon thousands of known issues that makers of malware and hackers alike tend to exploit. Using some relatively simple and free tools, almost anyone can scan your website and identify one of these many security holes. The results when people find a vulnerability in a system are varied but they are rarely good. The best way to keep a website safe is to employ a service that specializes in monitoring, finding, and eliminating threats. Here at Holm Security, we can keep just about any system safe from harm.


If you do not want to lose all of your data, or completely rebuild your web page, finding an appropriate website security solution is of paramount importance. There is no excuse for losing important or personal information to hackers because the security standards are not up-to-date on your site.Holm Security VMP picture cta