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Holm Security Helps Secure the Academic Community throughout Europe

One of the work packages under the GN4-3 is focusing on cyber security to help not least universities in Europe strengthen their cyber security defense. David Heed at the Swedish NREN Sunet is the project leader of the project where the goal is to provide a product for vulnerability management, including extensive vulnerability test coverage.

“Together with Holm Security, we can provide high-quality vulnerability tests to the community. Holm Security will help training researchers and students to build tests so that we together can create the best possible coverage. At the same time, we help develop knowledge within cyber security and improve their cyber security defense.” says David Heed, Security Expert and Project Manager at Sunet.

The joint product is planned to be available later in 2021. The product is packaged as a container-based solution with automatically updated vulnerability test data. The product will be free of charge for the entire community within Europe.

“We’re proud to be able to help the academic sector become more secure and at the same time find new interesting ways to improve the vulnerability test coverage together with researchers and students throughout Europe,” says Stefan Thelberg, CEO at Holm Security.
David Heed

Stefan Thelberg
Holm Security

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