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Organizer launched!
Holm Security has broadened its range of powerful tools with the Holm Security Organizer - a so-called multi-tenant portal. With Organizer you can freely create a structure that fits your vulnerability management. This makes the administration of multiple customers or departments more efficient, without compromising on security. A fantastic tool for larger organizations and partners (resellers). With Organizer, organizations are able to choose in which cloud their vulnerability-data is stored.
By Stefan Thelberg Topics: Organizer, Security Center

In the Security Center, it is possible for customers to administrate their assets and work with their vulnerabilities. With Organizer we create an overlying layer that enables you to build your own structure with several underlying Security Centers. For larger organizations, this enables different people, departments, countries, etc. to be given an isolated access to their data in the Security Center, with a centralized administration.

For partners, Organizer enables the ability to freely monitor their customers and simplifies the day-to-day administration, while at the same time getting an overview of the customer activities and progress. With Organizer you will also be able to choose from which cloud the scans are made and in which cloud the vulnerability data is stored. This allows you to choose a specific cloud for each specific account (customer to customer). At the moment you can choose between our cloud in Europe and Asia. It provides increased security for our customers and ensures optimal performance.

Organizer Features:

  • Create and manage accounts / customers in Security Center.
  • Centralized login to Security Center.
  • User management with rights-management for access to Security Center.
  • Select specific cloud for storing data for each specific account / customer.
  • Receive statistics on the use of services for different accounts / customers.

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About the author
Founder and CEO of Holm Security. Stefan is one of Sweden's most prominent cyber security entrepreneurs, previously founded the Swedish Webhosting Group and Stay Secure. Stay Secure was the largest email security provider in northern Europe. He has worked with sales of IT security products towards the private and public sector for close to 20 years.

Stefan Thelberg
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