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Cyber Security in the Cloud
What is it?

Cyber security in the cloud is a term that describes a service that is being offered by companies more and more these days. The concept encompasses all of the standard security concerns that have been handled traditionally in-house by IT security teams, such as penetration testing, vulnerability testing, file system management, and data protection. As the name suggests, however, all of the services are offered on a virtual platform via a security company’s cloud security application.

How Does it Work?

Cloud security has developed in tandem with the cloud and has come a long way since it started. It has now reached a point of maturity that it is a service that can have virtually all of a company’s security concerns handled online. There are an incredible number of security options and services available right from the web app that is connected to the service.

To understand how cloud security works, it is easier to look at the different components that need to be secured, understand which are secured on site, and which can be secured in the cloud.

When building a network, there must first be a physical and a network infrastructure in place. This means machines, routers, domain providers, hosting companies, ISPs, and everything in between. Information within the physical and network infrastructures is the responsibility of the system administrator or the company itself.

The next part that is a little more difficult to identify for most users because of the almost limitless massive scope of the internet infrastructure and cloud-based services.

The network operates with the help of an operating system, and the cloud security service creates applications to communicate with that OS. The company will then send data from the physical hard drives on-sight, through the operating system where it meets the cloud security app, and is then sent through the network infrastructure to find its new place in the “cloud”. The cloud that is utilized is essentially an off-site server owned by a security company.

Most companies offering SaaS (software as a service) cloud security solutions, secure everything from the point that the information leaves the physical address to the point of delivery. The information is encrypted and sent through secure channels to its destination. It goes without saying that choosing the right security company is crucial as they hold the key to your data once it leaves the physical location of the home system. We at Holm Security operate by using all of the latest technology and security frameworks.


Whether the company requiring cloud-based security is a small start-up, or a multi-national corporation, the push towards life in the cloud is very real. Even if the company holds no desire to take part in cloud computing, there is no possibility of maintaining a cloud-free existence. Services like Google Drive, One Drive, Box, and many more are just a few examples of an ever-growing network of cloud services that are free to use and all-pervasive. The only way for a company nowadays to remain secure is to find a cloud security service that can monitor its data once it leaves the building.