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Holm Security VMP

Comprehensive platform for vulnerability assessment

Holm Security VMP (Vulnerability Management Platform) protects your organization by discovering vulnerabilities before hackers do. The platform includes vulnerability assessment for networks and websites, risk analysis for fraud and a variety of tools that facilitate the continuous security.

The platform gives you powerful insights and allows you to take control of the security in your networks and of your external services. In addition, we allow you to test not only the systems, but also perhaps the biggest security risk of all: the people in your IT environment. We help you to understand, prioritize and manage your vulnerabilities through user-friendly reports and statistics, alarms, ticket systems, and patch information.

Cloud service

Holm Security VMP is a cloud service without the need for any new software or hardware.

GDPR - increased safety requirements

The new EU regulation General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will strengthen the protection of the individual through higher demands on organisations registering or processing personal data. Importantly, the act requires there to be a high level of security to protect against data leaks. Should a leak occur, it must be reported and documented correctly, which means that security flaws can quickly become very costly. The law comes into force in May 2018. Organizations that do not follow the new EU data protection legislation can get hefty fines of up to four percent of the company's global turnover.

Compliant with CSLA

Holm Security follows the International organization for standardization ISO/IEC's new framework for service levels for cloud services called Cloud Service Level Agreement (CSLA). You can feel confident that we will clearly describe the quality one can expect and that you can easily compare our services with other vendors who follow CSLA.