Embracing Shadow IT - No More Zero Trust

Shadow IT refers to an organization's department or person using any hardware, software, or cloud service not known or approved by the IT department.  In the past, adopting a "zero trust" approach was straightforward. The software was solely bought off the shelf. Nowadays, cloud services and software are available at the click of a button, making it nearly impossible for IT departments to keep track.

Headshot of Claus Nielsen Chief Marketing Officer
Claus Nielsen
Chief Marketing Officer
Headshot of Oskar Åkesson
Oskar Åkesson
Vulnerability Management Expert at Holm Security

Top 3 Risks with Shadow IT

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Data Loss

Backup and recovery procedures do not cover unknown IT assets.
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Data Breach

IT assets that operate under the radar are not actively monitored.
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Cyber Security

Cybercriminals taking advantage of vulnerabilities in cloud assets.