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Lightweight Agent for Endpoints

Our lightweight agent for endpoints helps you improve coverage and accuracy - not least when it comes to your remote workforce. Take your vulnerability management program to the next level with our agent.


Advantages with an Agent

As the boundaries of the traditional workplace, expand and organizations work remotely, many organizations lack visibility into mobile devices. We provide a lightweight agent for endpoints that comes with several comprehensive advantages - and will help you take control over your remote workforce.

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Extended Coverage

Extend coverage to devices and systems that you can’t scan remotely.

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Improve Accuracy

Improve software recognition accuracy without the need for authenticated scanning.

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Find More Vulnerabilities

Find vulnerabilities that traditional vulnerability management will not find.

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Cover Mobile Devices

Detect vulnerabilities in mobile devices in your remote workforce - wherever they are.

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Run without host credentials. Limit the need for authenticated remote scanning.

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Easily Implemented

Get started quickly with no maintenance needed. Automatic updates.

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Minimal Footprint

A lightweight agent with minimal performance impact.


Agent Features

Our Device Agent supports a wide range of powerful features and functions for you to become successful.

  • Supports all recent Windows clients and server OS.
  • Distribute to devices using standard technology like Microsoft GPO (MSI).
  • No internet access is needed for agents – communication through a proxy connector.
  • Requires minimal host resources.
  • Unlimited scalability.
  • Automatic updates.

Agent Use Cases

Here are some of the use cases for our lightweight agent for endpoints - our Device Agent.

Get Started

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Remote Workers

Gain visibility and extend coverage into your mobile devices, including laptops.

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Critical Infrastructure

Gain insight into critical infrastructure that you don’t want to scan with traditional vulnerability management.

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Office Networks

Track devices with dynamic IPs over time.