The NIS (Network and Information Security) Directive is an EU-directive that demands security in networks and information systems for essential and certain digital services. All organizations that carry out important activities such as energy supply and healthcare must work both systematically with their information security - and also be able to demonstrate compliance. The background to the NIS-directive is the increased threat of various foreign powers and the increased risk of sabotage that can cause extensive economic damage and damage to society.

Affected sectors

The NIS Directive is aimed at bolstering cyber security across sectors that rely heavily on ICT (information and communications technology). Certain businesses operating in critical industries are known as OES.

The NIS Directive applies to the following sectors:

  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Banking
  • Financial infrastrucutre
  • Healthcare
  • Delivery and distribution
  • Water supply
  • Digital infrastructure


Specific features & functions

Our product System & Network Scanning supports a wide range of powerful features and functions for you to become successful. 

  • Create a systematic, analytical, risk-based security strategy.
  • Demonstrate compliance.
  • Incident reporting
  • Policy scanning based on CIS Benchmarks. 
  • Detect vulnerabilities in networks and systems that hold or are related to personal data.
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