Cloud Scanning

Take Control of Your Cloud Misconfigurations

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities across your cloud infrastructure with cloud security posture & vulnerability management all-in-one. Secure your cloud-native applications with Cloud Scanning. 

Agentless Cloud Security

Secure Your Cloud Infrastructure

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Increase Visibility & Coverage

Gain visibility into your cloud infrastructure and its security configurations. View all cloud assets, including misconfigurations and security settings, through a unified view.

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Minimize Your Attack Surface

Assess cloud application configurations against compliance policies to identify gaps quickly and effectively minimize cyber security risks.

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Protect Your Company from Cyber Threats

You can identify areas most likely to be exploited by risk scoring, which reduces alerts, prioritizes high-risk vulnerabilities, and prevents them from becoming security threats.

Strengthen Your Security Defenses

Improve Threat Detection
& Response

With Cloud Scanning, you can discover your most critical misconfigurations and gain actionable context so that your teams can proactively and continuously improve your cloud security posture. Ensure that security, development, and operations teams can prioritize and remediate risks in cloud-native applications early in their development lifecycle, reduce the risk of public cloud data breaches, and minimize your attack surface.

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