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Vulnerability Assessment 2.0

Improve your security - be the first to know your vulnerabilities.

new incidents
each year

scanned vulnerabilities

monitored blacklists
for mail servers

Services overview

Holm Security VMP (Vulnerability Management Platform).

Network Scanning

Automated and continuous vulnerability assessment of external and local systems. Cloud service and virtual instance for local scanning.

Read more about Network Scanning

Website Scanning

Automated and continuous security scanning of websites (WAS). Multiple tests, including the OWASP top 10.

Read more about Website Scanning

Fraud Risk Assessment

Vulnerability assessment of users in your IT environment to find out how resilient they are against fraud and cyber-security threats.

Read more about Fraud Risk Assessment

Monitoring of email blacklists

Automated and continuous monitoring of email blacklists to ensure you'll be the first to discover if your mail server has been blacklisted.

Read more about onitoring of email blacklists

Monitoring databases with hacked websites

Automated and continuous monitoring of databases with hacked websites. Discover hacked websites before they can cause damage to your organization.

Read more about monitoring of databases with hacked websites

Why choose Holm Security?

Revolutionary vulnerability assessment that puts you one step ahead.

  • Increased security.
  • Automated and continuous.
  • Comprehensive platform.
  • Innovative tools.
  • A user-friendly SaaS platform.
  • Minimal administration.
Security Center
Our user friendly Security Center makes the administration of your vulnerabilities efficient. Here you manage assets, scans, remediation, users and much more.
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