Introducing Agent-Based Vulnerability Management

Watch this webinar to understand how your organization can benefit from extending your vulnerability management program with a lightweight endpoint agent for systems, computers, and your remote workforce.

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Watch the Recording to Learn

  • Benefits of an Agent

    Extend coverage and improve accuracy with an agent.
  • Agent Use Cases

    Going through common use cases; mobile computers and remote workforce, systems and computers you can't scan, and DHCP networks.
  • Technology & Security

    Installation and update procedures, and information about security and privacy.
  • Demonstration in Security Center

    How you can work effectively with your vulnerabilities in Security Center.


Headshot of Oskar Åkesson

Oskar Åkesson

Next-Gen Vulnerability Management Expert.

Headshot of Stefan Thelberg

Stefan Thelberg

CEO at Holm Security. 

Headshot of Erik Torlen

Erik Torlèn

Senior Cyber Security Expert & founder of kryptera.se