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Risk-based Vulnerability Management

The amount of data is challenging

Risk-based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) allows you to understand vulnerability threats in context to the potential business impact, allowing you to prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities that put your organization at risk. Most organizations have more vulnerabilities than business-critical systems. To structure and prioritize vulnerabilities means a great challenge.

RBVM is the future of Vulnerability Management

By moving to a risk-based approach, you can drastically improve your security by addressing the entire attack surface and identifying and remediate vulnerabilities likely to exploitation. Instead of wasting resources and time patching a vulnerability that is not likely to be exploited, consider how critical the asset is to your business, the severity of the vulnerability, ongoing threats, or other existing security measures in place.

Helps you prioritize

RBVM means that it is crucial to have each vulnerability weighted based on business criticality, rather than only look at the severity of the vulnerability itself. Focusing on business risk allows you to prioritize assets that, should they be compromised, would have a substantial negative impact on your organization.

How Holm Security helps

Holm Security’s platform for vulnerability management supports Risk-based Vulnerability Management through a number of very powerful yet easy to use functions. 

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