Alok Sahay Country Manager India Saarc

Alok Sahay
Sales Director India & SAARC
+91 8800-67 77 99

Welcome to India!

Hi! My name is Alok and I'm your local representative in India. Looking for a cyber security solution and vulnerability management? Let's talk! 

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Faurani Ahmad Sales director Southeast Asia

Ahmad Faurani
Sales Director Southeast Asia
+60 19 434 2727

Welcome to Malaysia!

Hi! My name is Ahmad Faurani and I'm your local representative in Malaysia. Looking for a cyber security solution and vulnerability management? Let's talk! 

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Cristian Miranda
Key Account Manager, Finland
+46 8-550 05 582


Hei! Nimeni on Cristian ja olen paikallinen edustajasi Suomessa. Etsitkö tietoturvaratkaisua ja haavoittuvuuksien hallintaa? 

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Victor Bunge Meyer
Key Account Manager, Sverige
+46 08-550 05 582

Holm Security i Sverige

Välkommen till Holm Security i Sverige! Jag heter Victor och är din lokala kontakt. Kontakta mig om du vill veta mera om vår platform för sårbarhetsanalyser. 

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Beth Murrell holm security

Beth Murrell
Account Manager, Benelux
+31-20-238 63 94

Welkom in de Benelux!

Mijn naam is Beth Murrell en ik ben uw lokale vertegenwoordiger in Nederland, België en Luxemburg. Op zoek naar een cyberveiligheidsoplossing en kwetsbaarheidsbeheer? Laten we praten!

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jens dahlkvist holm security

Jens Dahlkvist
Key Account Manager, Norge
+46 8-550 05 582

Holm Security i Norge

Velkommen til Holm Security i Norge! Jeg heter Jens og er din lokale kontaktperson.Kontakt meg hvis du vil vite mer om vår plattform for sårbarhetsanalyser.

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Ronnie Jensen

Ronnie Jensen
Country Manager Denmark
+45 31 12 10 05

Holm Security i Danmark

Velkommen til Holm Security i Danmark! Mit navn er Ronnie og jeg er din lokale kontaktperson. Kontakt mig, hvis du vil vide mere om vores sårbarhedsanalyseplatform.

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System & Network Scanning

Our automated and continuous system and network scanner provides unparalleled coverage and comprehensive insight to enable you to detect vulnerabilities, assess risk, find blank spots and prioritize remediation for every asset, in every environment - public, local, cloud, IoT, container as well as OT and SCADA.


All-in-one platform

We provide all the features and functions you need to discover, assess, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities. Simple and efficient.

Automatic & continuous

Just in a month there are thousands of new known vulnerabilities. Scheduled and continuous scans find new vulnerabilities fast.

Systematic & proactive

Our platform provides a great foundation for systematic and risk-based work with your cyber security defense.

cyber security risk-based

Don’t get lost by all the data. Our platform helps you understand what vulnerabilities to remediate first through a number of automated and simple tools.

cyber security complete coverage
Complete coverage

We cover every asset in every environment - public, local, cloud, IoT, containers as well as OT and SCADA.


Finding over 80 000 vulnerabilities

It has never been easier to put a new system out in production, and IT environments are growing fast. How do you keep track of all your assets and their vulnerabilities? Don’t worry, let us help you.

Outdated systems

Finds vulnerabilities in outdated operating systems, services, and software.

cyber security misconfiguration

Finds all types of misconfigurations, like insufficient permissions and exposed data.

Blank spots

Continuous and automated asset discovery helps you find blank spots.

cyber security weak passwords
Weak passwords

Find default and weak passwords in systems, software, and applications.


Planning your cyber defense?

Book a demo of our Vulnerability Management platform.


Risk-based Vulnerability Management

Our product System & Network Scanning automatically and continuously scans for an ever-increasing number of vulnerabilities. With smart functions and threat intelligence, we help you prioritize risk to understand where to put in your efforts. 

Asset management 

Gain visibility into all your assets in every corner of your IT environment. 

cyber security schedule scans
Schedule scans 

Schedule scans that run automatically in the background. 

cyber security vulnerability management
Vulnerability management 

Manage all vulnerabilities with the markets most flexible and powerful tool. Sort, prioritize and communicate within your team. 

cyber security No maintenance

A complete workflow for remediation, supporting integrations with external systems like Jira and TopDesk. 

cyber security monitoring
Continous Monitoring 

Rule based monitoring to get instant notifications when new vulnerabilities are found and when there are changes in the network.  

cyber security integrations

Make Vulnerability Management a part of your work process and routine. We provide integrations with a wide range of systems like SIEM, CMDB, ticketing systems and CI/CD.  

IoT, containers & OT/SCADA 

We cover every asset in every environment - public, local, cloud, IoT, containers as well as OT and SCADA.


Meet future compliance

Along with the growing threat picture, there are new legal requirements, standards and certifications. We help you meet existing and future requirements.

  • GDPR
  • NIS
  • PDPA
  • SOX
  • ISO27001
  • PCI DSS 


Features & functions

Our product System & Network Scanning supports a wide range of powerful features and functions for you to become successful. 

  • Discovery scanning and asset management. 
  • Unauthenticated and authenticated scanning. 
  • AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure scanning. 
  • CIS Benchmarks policy scanning best practices. 
  • Device Agent - light-weight endpoint agent. 
  • Passive/predictive scanning (coming 2021).
  • Compliance scans and report like GDPR, NIS, ISO27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX etc.
  • Continuous Monitoring.
  • SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On.
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).
  • Orchestration of multiple Security Centers for large organizations.
  • Full IPv6 support.

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Centralized, powerful administration & orchestration

Security Center

Security Center is our easy-to-use web-based control panel that gives comprehensive insights and helps you manage vulnerabilities. Through flexible dashboards and reports, you get a visual overview of current data, development over time, and more. Security Center supports Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

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Organizer enables different people, groups of users, departments, or countries to be given isolated access to relevant vulnerability data while maintaining a centralized administration. Get the best of two worlds – decentralized management to engage your teams, while still having support for centralized management.

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Cloud & on-premise – one technology

Our platform can be distributed in two ways. Safe and secure from several global datacenters as a cloud service, or installed within your own infrastructure as on-premise with local storage. You simply choose what distribution option that suits your organization best. 


Safe and secure management and storage in the cloud. Select what physical datacenter that suits you. Get started in just minutes.

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server-on premise

Installed and operating within your own infrastructure, with local data storage. Automatic software and vulnerability test updates.

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How Huddinge municipality has improved its cyber security posture

Huddinge municipality is the second-largest municipality in the metropolitan region, with over 110,000 inhabitants and about 6,700 employees.

Safer today and in the future

Being able to visualize vulnerabilities is a budget and resource issue, far from all municipalities have an IT Security Manager. However, with a product like Holm Security VMP, even smaller municipalities with fewer available resources can create routines and processes to reduce the number of weak points in the IT environment and increase general IT security.

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Words from our customers


The platform is very extensive and clear

This was a new experience for us, which required extra help. The people at Holm Security are skilled and above all fun people. The entire process has been a great experience.





A yearly pentest is not enough anymore nowadays

The IT-department of Risse Groep manages a big amount of personal information of their employees. We need a continuous service that adds to our traditional security systems.

Risse Groep

Frank van den Broek, IT-Manager

Risse Groep


I think that many could greatly expand their IT security with this great & affordable product

When other municipalities have been curious, I have invited them over and shown the possibilities of Holm Security VMP.



Huddinge kommun


Maximum effect - maximum ROI

Product support

Continuous support from our Vulnerability Management Experts. 

Workflows & routines

We help you set up workflows and routines for success within Vulnerability Management. 

Follow-up meetings

Continuous follow-up meetings together with our Vulnerability Management experts to support the assessment and prioritization. 

Maximum advantage

Together we make sure that you’re taking advantage of all powerful features in our platform – existing as well as new ones. 


Read about System & Network Scanning and related topics in our resources bank. 


Here we answer the most frequent questions. We love to answer questions you have about vulnerability management in general or about our platform.

What type of vulnerabilities do you find? 

We find wide range of vulnerabilitieslike outdated systems and software, misconfigurations, weak passwords, exposed data like personal data, weak encryption and maleware. 

What type infrastructure do you scan? 

We support scanning of all parts of your infrastructure; public, local, cloud, IoT, containers as well as OT and SCADA.  

Do you support authenticated scanning? 

Yes, we support both authenticated and unauthenticated scanning. With authenticated scanning you can go even deeper to find more vulnerabilities.  

Is your platform cloud or on-premise? 

Both, our platform, Holm Security VMP (Vulnerability Management Platform) can be implemented as cloud service (SaaS) and on-premiseRegardless, it’s exactly the same platform - just two distribution options. 

How long does it take to get started? 

It only takes a few hours to get started with our powerful and easy-to-manage platform. Contact us and we will help you get started today. 

Do you support Risk-Based Vulnerability Management? 

Yes, we provide a number of powerful features to support a modern Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) approach. We also provide Professional Services to make sure you get maximum security out of your investment in our platform. 

Is there any software or hardware required?  

No, using Holm Security VMP | Cloud doesn’t require any software or hardware. But for local scanning, you need to install one or multiple Scanner Appliances, which is a virtual appliance. When using Holm Security VMP | OnPrem you will need to install minimum of two virtual instances. One Core Appliance and one Scanner Appliance. 

Do you provide CIS Benchmarks best practices? 

Yes, we support CIS Benchmarks best practices for the secure configuration of a target system. Holm Security is certified by CIS. Contact us and we will tell you more. 


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The fastest and most efficient way to automated and continuous Vulnerability Management for your entire infrastructure – systems, web applications and users. All in one platform.

System & Network Scanning

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