System & Network Scanning

Find vulnerabilities across your technical assets.


Secure Your Defenses Across Technical Assets

Take control of the security of your systems and networks. We cover all parts of your infrastructure – public and local systems, computers, cloud infrastructure, IoT, and OT/SCADA.

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Comprehensive Insight

Providing all the features you need to discover, assess, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities. Simple and efficient.

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Automatic & Continuous

Just in a month, there are thousands of new known vulnerabilities. Scheduled and continuous scans find new vulnerabilities fast.

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Systematic & Proactive

Our platform provides a great foundation for systematic and risk-based work with your cyber security defense.

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Don’t get lost in all the data. Our platform helps you understand what vulnerabilities to remediate first through ransomware and exploits threat intelligence.

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Complete Coverage

We cover every asset in every environment - public, local, cloud, IoT, containers as well as OT and SCADA.


Identifying over 100,000 Vulnerabilities

It has never been easier to put a new system into production; consequently, IT environments are growing fast and in complexity every day. So how do you keep track of all your assets and their vulnerabilities? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

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Outdated Systems

Identify vulnerabilities in outdated operating systems, services, and software.

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Finds all types of misconfigurations, like insufficient permissions and exposed data.

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Blank Spots

Continuous and automated asset discovery helps you find blank spots.

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Weak Passwords

Find default and weak passwords in systems, software, and applications.


Build A Stronger Cyber Security Defense

Our product System & Network Scanning automatically and continuously scans for an ever-increasing number of vulnerabilities. With threat intelligence, we help you prioritize to understand where to focus your efforts.

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Complete Visibility into Your Assets

Cover all technical assets in your IT environment - public, local, cloud, IoT, containers, OT, and SCADA. Automated and straightforward process.

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Accelerate Your Response with Faster Detection

Manage all vulnerabilities with the market's most flexible and powerful threat intelligence tool. Sort, group,  prioritize and communicate within your team.

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Optimize the Remediation Process

A complete workflow for remediation, supporting integrations with external systems like Jira and Top Desk.

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Respond Quickly & Eliminate Delays

Get instant notifications when new vulnerabilities are found or when there are changes in your network with rule-based monitoring. Schedule scans that run automatically in the background.

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Amplify Your Security Efforts

Make vulnerability management a part of your work process and routine. We provide integrations with a wide range of systems like SIEM, CMDB, patch management, ticketing systems, and, CI/CD.

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Meet Future Compliance

Along with the growing threat picture, there are new legal requirements, standards, and certifications that are continuously introduced. We help you meet existing and future requirements.

How Can We Help You?


Cloud-based vs. On-Prem


Zero System Requirements

Our Cloud-based deployment option is a comprehensive solution for automated and continuous vulnerability management with zero system requirements. It supports all sizes of organizations, all environments, and regardless of previous experience within Vulnerability Management. It only takes a few hours to get started with our powerful and easy-to-manage platform.

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Local Scanning

Our cloud-based platform enables you to scan public systems, networks, and web applications as well as local infrastructure. Simple and powerful, giving comprehensive asset coverage.

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No Maintenance

Focus on reducing the number of vulnerabilities – we take care of the technology. Our platform is updated with thousands of new vulnerability tests every single month.


Distributed From Your Infrastructure with Local Storage

Our On-Prem deployment option is a comprehensive solution for automated and continuous vulnerability management in which all data is stored safe and secure within your own infrastructure. No data is communicated over the internet, meaning that no data leaves your organization. The platform is installed in your virtual environment supporting all common virtualization platforms, such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer. 

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Suits All

Our on-premise platform can be installed in all common virtual environments. It supports all sizes of organizations, all environments, and regardless of previous experience within Vulnerability Management. 

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No Maintenance  

Focus on your vulnerabilities – we take care of the technology. Our platform software is updated automatically and thousands of new vulnerability tests are automatically distributed every single month. 

frequent questions


Here we answer the most frequent questions about our System & Network Scanning feature.

What Type of Vulnerabilities Do You Find?

We find a wide range of vulnerabilities, like outdated systems and software, misconfigurations, weak passwords, exposed personal data, weak encryption, and malware.

What Type of Infrastructure Do You Scan?

We support scanning of all parts of your infrastructure; public, local, cloud, IoT, containers as well as OT and SCADA.

Do You Support Authenticated Scanning?

Yes, we support both authenticated and unauthenticated scanning. With authenticated scanning, you can go even deeper to find more vulnerabilities.

How Long Does it Take to Get Started?

It only takes a few hours to get started with our powerful and easy-to-manage platform. Contact us and we will help you get started today.

Is There Any Software or Hardware Required?

If you choose the Holm Security cloud deployment option no 3rd party software or hardware is required. But for local scanning, you need to install one or multiple Scanner Appliances, which is a virtual appliance. If you choose to deploy on-premise you will need to install a minimum of two virtual instances. One core appliance and one Scanner Appliance. 

What Is a System and Network Scanner?

A system and network scanner is a tool that allows you to assess the security of your systems and networks. It can be used to test for vulnerabilities, determine if any patches are available, and even provide recommendations on how to fix any problems.

What Is Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability scanning is the process of discovering security flaws in your systems, network devices, and software applications. This process can be automated or manual. During automated scanning, the scanner will automatically search for known security issues with your devices. Manual scanning involves going through each device manually and checking for vulnerabilities manually.

How Do You Perform a Network Vulnerability Assessment?

A network vulnerability assessment involves running an automated or manual scan against all of your devices within your network. The results from this scan will tell you which devices have security issues that need addressing.

How Do You Find Network Vulnerabilities?

There are many ways to find network vulnerabilities, but the best method is to use an automated tool. This will allow you to do a deep scan of your network and look for any weak points or spots where someone could gain access to your data. If you're serious about staying ahead of the competition, use Vulnerability Manager Plus. It's an easy-to-use solution that scans your network and identifies potential weak spots.

What Is a Network Vulnerability?

A network vulnerability is a flaw or error in a software program or system that could allow unauthorized users to take control of the system or access data without authorization.

What Is a Network Vulnerability Scanner?

Network vulnerability scanners are used to find vulnerabilities in computer networks. They do this by probing the network, sending signals, and checking for responses. A vulnerability scanner is a program that scans a computer or network for potential security holes. When it finds one, it alerts the user.