Phishing & Awareness Training

Increase resilience against social engineering and ransomware attacks. 


Build your human firewall

Our Phishing & Awareness Training includes all of the features you need to run simulations and work with awareness training with less effort through automation.

Simulate social engineering

Simulate email attacks, such as phishing, spear phishing, ransomware, and CEO/CFO phishing. Or create your own custom simulations.

Automated awareness training

Depending on the behavior of each user in the simulation, a tailored awareness training is automatically composed and presented to the user.

Statistics & reports

Based on the results of the simulation, you get detailed statistics that help you identify weak users.


Through continuous simulations, you make sure to keep your users up to date with the constantly shifting and latest threats. 


Run simulations

Our product offers a wide range of simulation templates for different scenarios and we’re constantly adding new ones based on the latest threats.


The number of ransomware attacks is increasing rapidly, threatening to lock down your entire organizationProtection against ransomware should be your highest priority.


Credentials, credit card numbers, and personal data are examples of targets for phishing emails. Phishing emails are usually sent out on large scale – spraying the internet. 

Spear phishing

Spear phishing is an email attack targeting a specific individualdepartment, or organization that appears to be from a trusted source. 

CEO/CFO phishing

CEO/CFO fraud is a scam where cybercriminals spoof company email accounts and impersonate executives to try and fool an employee to execute unauthorized wire transfers, or sending out confidential financial information.



Tailored awareness training

Phishing and Awareness training provides a wide range of features for your organization to conquer the threats your users are facing.  

  • An ever-increasing number of ready-made and customizable templates. 
  • Ready-made and customizable awareness training templates. 
  • Nano learning concept for awareness training. 
  • Templates supporting placeholders to be able to create personalized emails. 
  • Custom awareness video content.
  • Import users manually, or integrate with your Active Directory for automatic user import.  
  • Risk-free – the assessments are carried out entirely without any risk to the user and your IT environment. 
  • Flexible tracking – you chose if you want to track specific user behavior on a per simulation basis. 
  • Automated and tailored awareness training based on specific user behavior. 
  • Create groups to be able to understand different user groups and their behavior better.  


Awareness videos

The product includes a set of best-in-class awareness videos. The videos have general content as well las as tailored content that target a specific user-based simulation behavior. The content is top modern and relevant. Speech and subtitles are available in multiple languages.

Content examples:

  • The anatomy of phishing, spear phishing ransomware.
  • Verifying email senders and links.
  • Verify a web address and finding the actual domain name.
  • Weaknesses in the email protocol.
  • Common tricks used by cybercriminals.
  • Potential risks with phishing.



Centralized, powerful administration & orchestration

Security Center

Security Center is our easy-to-use web-based control panel that gives comprehensive insights and helps you manage vulnerabilities. Through flexible dashboards and reports, you get a visual overview of current data, development over time, and more. Security Center supports Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).


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Organizer enables different people, groups of users, departments, or countries to be given isolated access to relevant vulnerability data while maintaining a centralized administration. Get the best of two worlds – decentralized management to engage your teams, while still having support for centralized management.


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  • Build your human firewall
    Run phishing simulations and educate employees effortlessly with automated awareness training.
  • Create custom simulations
    Choose to simulate email attacks, such as phishing, spear phishing, ransomware, and CEO/CFO phishing. or run your own custom simulations.
  • Risk-free assessments
    The assessments are carried out entirely without any risk to the user and your IT environment.



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Phishing & Awareness Training

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Here we answer the most frequent questions about Phishing & Awareness Training. 

Are specific users exposed in the simulation?

You decide on a per simulation basis if you would like to be able to see which user did what.

Why is phishing and awareness training so efficient?

You instantly increase the resilience against email attacks and over time, through repeated simulations, you keep your users up to date with the latest threats.

How often do you recommend running simulations?

Simulations should be carried out on a regular basis to make sure your users are up to date with the latest threats and to keep their resilience on a high level. We recommend somewhere between 4-6 simulations per year.

Is awareness training included in the product?

Yes, automated and tailored awareness training is included and can be customized to suit your organization.

Can I create my own custom templates?

Yes, we provide ready-made templates based on the latest threats and you can edit existing templates and create your own.

Do support integration with Active Directory?

Yes, we support integration with Active Directory for automated import of users.