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Government authorities are likely to see an increase in cyber warfare attacks

In response to rising predictions of cyberattacks, Holm Security is now offering free vulnerability scans for all government authorities across Europe. This initiative aims to assist government authorities in detecting possible unknown vulnerabilities in their current cyber security defenses so that these can be addressed, and, in turn, help to increase the level of cyber security defense readiness.

  • Discover unknown vulnerabilities
    Scan your public networks to identify unknown gaps in your cyber security defenses.
  • Vulnerability assessment report
    When the scan has been completed we will personally walk you through the vulnerability assessment report to assist you in determining the most suitable next step in closing any gaps in your security defenses.
  • High level of data protection and privacy
    We store data in neutral countries, where other authorities and government agencies do not have the legal right to access your data.

The campaign includes a one-time free scan of your complete public network (limited to 1,000 IPs).