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Introducing agent-based vulnerability management

Watch this webinar to understand how your organization can benefit from extending your vulnerability management program with a lightweight endpoint agent for systems, computers, and your remote workforce.

Watch the recording to learn:

  • Benefits with an agent
    Extend coverage and improve accuracy with an agent.
  • Agent use cases
    Going through common use cases; mobile computers and remote workforce, systems and computers you can't scan, and DHCP networks.
  • Technology & security
    Installation and update procedures, and information about security and privacy.
  • Demonstration in Security Center
    How you can work effectively with your vulnerabilities in Security Center.


Our presenters for this webinar. 


Stefan Thelberg

CEO at Holm Security


Oskar Åkesson

Vulnerability Management Expert at Holm Security


Erik Torlèn

CTO at Holm Security