Recorded webinar

Human Firewall - Critical to a Cyber Defense Strategy

Take part in this webinar to learn more about today's biggest cyber security challenges for organizations and how to face "the human vulnerability" in your cyber defense strategy. Jonas Lejon, one of Sweden's foremost cybersecurity experts, talks about current trends for ransomware, data leaks, and how you can prevent, manage and resolve incidents. Thomas Pålsson, Partner at Aspekta AB, takes a closer look at crisis strategies for external PR if a cyber incident occurs.

Webinar Program

  • Current cyber ​​security trends, including ransomware.
  • The need for a human firewall.
  • Crisis communication - maintaining trust after a cyber incident.
  • Q&A


Headshot of Jonas Lejon

Jonas Lejon

Senior Cyber Security Expert & founder of

Headshot of Thomas Pålsson

Thomas Pålsson

Partner at Aspekta AB - Advisers in strategic communication

Headshot of Claus Nielsen Chief Marketing Officer

Claus Nielsen

Chief Marketing Officer at Holm Security