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Why CVSS Scoring Is a Must in Any Vulnerability Management Program

CVSS scores are commonly used by Information security (InfoSec) teams as part of a vulnerability management program to provide a point of comparison between vulnerabilities and to prioritize remediation of vulnerabilities. In this webinar, you will learn more about CVSS and get a walk-through of what you need to know about the different CVSS versions.

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Watch The Webinar to Learn

  • Overview of CVSS
  • The benefits of having CVSS
  • CVSS 3.1 vs earlier versions
  • Demonstration in Security Center
  • Q&A session


Headshot of Claus Nielsen

Claus Nielsen

Chief Marketing Officer at Holm Security.
Headshot of Mihail Lupan

Mihail Lupan

Security Engineer at Holm Security’s Security Research Team.

Headshot of Oskar Åkesson

Oskar Åkesson

Next-Gen Vulnerability Management Expert.