Recorded webinar

5 Steps to Successful Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is a cornerstone in modern cyber security defense. In this webinar, we talk about 5 important steps that will help you build a successful Vulnerability Management strategy. We also take the opportunity to briefly introduce you to our three-layer Vulnerability Management platform Holm Security VMP - protecting systems, networks, as well as web applications and users.


  • How to adopt a risk-based approach when working with automated and continuous Vulnerability Management.
  • How to involve and engage different teams of your organization in Vulnerability Management.
  • Strategies for building an effective Vulnerability Management structure.
  • How to deal with vulnerability prioritization and set the ambition level.
  • How integration can help you create a more systematic approach.


Headshot of Oskar Åkesson

Oskar Åkesson

Next-Gen Vulnerability Management Expert.

Headshot of Stefan Thelberg

Stefan Thelberg

CEO at Holm Security.