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DevSecOps & security automation

Time: 2019-05-23 10.00 CET, 40 minutes
Language: English

Join us for a webinar with cyber security and automation expert Henrik Holmboe. Learn how DevSecOps fits with the security landscape and how to take advantage of the use of automation with the Holm Security Platform API. Erik Torlén, CTO at Holm Security, will share how you can use the Platform API to automate vulnerability assessment scanning.

Watch the webinar recording here

You can also stream the QnA session here.


Henrik Holmboe, DevSecOps specialist
One of Sweden's leading IT security experts and member in the Holm Security Advisory Board.

Erik Torlén, CTO at Holm Security
Erik has over 10 years of experience scaling enterprise businesses and technology for a global audience. 

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