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Web App Scanning

Web apps - a major security risk

Several independent experts estimate that about 70% of all web applications (sites) can be hacked. Gartner states that 75% of IT attacks occur at the application layer, making web applications/sites the most vulnerable layer in your network. The fact that web applications are usually exposed to the entirety of the public internet increases the risk of vulnerabilities being exploited by individuals with ill-intentions.

Automatic & Continuous

Our web application scanner (WAS) automatically and continuously scans your web applications for a large number of vulnerabilities, configuration errors, and any exposure of sensitive data such as personal and system information. Our scans cover, among other things, OWASP top 10, which covers the most critical vulnerabilities in web applications. In addition to the automated scan, you can also scan on demand; this allows you to scan systems before launching them.

Online and local scanning

Our web application scans your system from the cloud. By installing a virtual appliance behind your firewall, you also easily scan local systems. All data from local scans is then securely transferred for processing and presentation in the Security Center.

Comprehensive tools & an efficient workflow

Detecting vulnerabilities is one piece of the puzzle, but managing and displaying collected data in a constructive way is another entirely. Holm Security VMP facilitates the management of vulnerabilities through comprehensive result display and support methods. To accomplish this, we employ a number of unique and convenient tools for making information easy to understand and take action upon.

Vulnerability Manager

Vulnerability Manager is a powerful tool that’s central to quickly and easily addressing vulnerabilities, whether you have a small number or thousands. You can sort, group, and structure lists of vulnerabilities in ways that suit you best. Then, you can quickly perform desired actions, such as ignoring vulnerabilities, directly within the same tool. From the tool, you can also converse directly with Holm Security’s expert staff regarding any questions you have about any found vulnerabilities. With Vulnerability Manager, you also easily create a ‘baseline’ or framework for future reports.

Case Management

The case management tool is largely automated to keep things as efficient and simple as possible. When a certain type of vulnerability occurs, you can choose to fix issues automatically. Once the vulnerability is resolved, the system automatically verifies that vulnerability is fixed. Cases can be created directly from Vulnerability Manager and accompanying reports.


An important feature of Holm Security VMP is reports. Reports give you detailed information about vulnerabilities, and also include information regarding how a vulnerability should be remedied. There are a variety of ready-made report templates, and you can also easily create your own custom reports. Among the templates are reports tailored to IT staff, as well as those suited for for management, the CEO, and board members. These reports are scheduled and sent automatically according to your desired settings, or can be obtained on demand.