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Threat intelligence

We help you get real insight

Threat intelligence, also known as cyber threat intelligence (CTI), is organized, analyzed, and refined information about potential or current attacks that threaten an organization.

We provide you with detailed analyzes, statistics, and reports in order to understand how vulnerable your IT environment and users are, so you can work proactively to strengthen your IT security within your network, systems, and web apps, as well as improving your user’s awareness.

Our solution

This is how we help your organization with threat intelligence.

Get real insight into how vulnerable your organization is.
Vulnerability management of networks, systems and web applications.
Our Network Scanning and Web Application Scanning services detect network and system vulnerabilities.
Understand how resilient your users are against social engineering.
Phishing simulation (Fraud Risk Assessment).
Through simulation of social engineering, such as phishing, spear phishing and ransomware, users' behavior is mapped.
Awareness training to make your users more resilient against social engineering.
Phishing simulation (Fraud Risk Assessment).Automated and tailored awareness training is a part of our phishing simulation service (Fraud Risk Assessment).