Holm Security Success Program

For many organizations, working with vulnerabilities poses a challenge in terms of resources and know-how. Our Success Program was designed with your realities in mind to help prioritize your security initiatives and accomplish your security goals.

Let our experts help you become successful

A vulnerability management program provides great benefits and significantly strengthens your cyber security defense. But a program might also come with some challenges. To get the maximum effect, many organizations need advice and practical help. With the help of our experts in vulnerability management, we guarantee a successful customer journey to improve your cyber security defense.

Let our team help you become successful.

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Continuous guidance

Providing advice and guiding you from day one of your vulnerability management program to ensure you and your team are successful.

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Best practices

We help implement best practices to optimize your internal processes and key metrics to be able to measure performance over time.

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Training & education

Make sure you get the most out of our platform through continuous training and education within existing and new features, functions, and tools.

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Analyze & prioritize

We help you understand and prioritize vulnerabilities, enabling you to focus on the most efficient efforts.

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Managed Security Center

We manage your Security Center so that you can focus on your core tasks.

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Frequent meetings

Recurring meetings where we go through status, progress, and the upcoming month or quarter plan.

A customer journey to success

Our vulnerability management experts will make sure your organization implements and maintains a successful vulnerability management program through a personalized customer journey.

Our Success Program

Our vulnerability management experts provide two powerful success programs, where each program can be shaped based on your specific needs.

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Continuous advice and guidance to make your vulnerability management program successful and efficient.

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We manage your Security Center enabling you to spend time on what really matters—helping more organizations implement a successful vulnerability management program.

Professional Services

Included in Standard & Plus

  • Continuous product support
    Support by phone and email.
  • Work processes, routines & integrations
    Get help setting up and maintaining work processes and routines, also optimizing integrations.
  • Certification
    Initial training and education.
  • Implementation support
    Theoretical implementation support.
  • Quarterly meetings
    Assistance with prioritization, planning, optimized usage, product news, and more.
  • General Cyber Security Expert advice
    General advice about work processes, routines, etc.
  • Analytics and advice
    Analysis of vulnerability data and advice, as well as prioritization.

Exclusive for Plus

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Practical implementation support
Installation of Device Agent

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Configuration & setup in Security Center
Holm Security manages setup and configuration.

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Monthly meetings
Assistance with prioritization, planning, optimized usage, product news, and more.

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Monthly reports
Monthly consolidated report

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