Work from Home (WFH)

Remote work has increased drastically, and at the same time, there are clear indications that hackers, foreign powers, and other cybercriminals are expanding their activities. Working from home poses an increased challenge for IT departments, now requiring flexible and secure solutions.


Growing attack surface

Remote work has pushed digitalization forward at a fast pace. Accessing internal and sensitive information needs to be possible remotely over the internet. This means that a growing number of services and functions are exposed to anyone with internet access. Because of this, it has become more critical than ever to make sure there are no weaknesses in your internet-facing networks or systems.

In general, working from home breaks down the boundaries between work and private life. There are clear indications that remote work harms resilience against email attacks, like ransomware, phishing, and spear phishing.

Holm Security helps customers find weaknesses - both in systems and users. This is done through social engineering, simulation of email attacks, and vulnerability assessment of network, systems, web applications and rest APIs. We find vulnerabilities in all types of systems used for remote work, like VPN, SSH, FTP, web portals, intranets, websites, and more.

Web App Scanning

Find vulnerabilities in web applications in AWS

Our web application scanner automatically and continuously scans your web applications and APIs for an ever-increasing number of vulnerabilities. We find OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, weak passwords, and exposed system information and personal data – in all type of applications.

System & Network Scanning

Scan local and public systems

Our automated and continuous system and network scanner provide unparalleled coverage and comprehensive insight to enable you to detect vulnerabilities, assess risk, find blank spots and prioritize remediation for every asset, in every environment - public, local, cloud, IoT, container as well as OT and SCADA.

Phishing & Awareness Training

Build your human firewall

Over 90 % of data breaches start with a malicious email. Do you know how your users will respond to the next attack? Increase resilience against social engineering through simulated email attacks, like phishing, spear phishing, and ransomware - together with tailored awareness training.