The COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increasing attack surface, phishing attempts, and security risks in general. Remote work has increased drastically, and digitization has been pushed forward in a fast phase. At the same time, there are clear indications that hackers, foreign powers, and other cybercriminals are increasing their activities. 

Threat landscape

The threat landscape is evolving to use COVID-19 as an allure to more successfully deposit ransomware in your network.

Attack vectors

Cybercriminals have looked to exploit the new working conditions. The number of phishing email attacks and malicious attacks has increased drastically.


The pandemic has created new challenges, making individuals more susceptible to attacks that would otherwise be repelled.

Phishing & Awareness Training

The weakest link

In general, working from home breaks down the boundaries between work and private life. There are clear indications that remote work harms resilience against email attacks, like ransomware, phishing, and spear phishing.

Holm Security VMP (Vulnerability Management Platform) helps customers find weaknesses - both in systems and users. This is done through social engineering, simulation of email attacks, and vulnerability assessment of network, systems, web applications and rest APIs. We find vulnerabilities in all types of systems used for remote work, like VPN, SSH, FTP, web portals, intranets, websites, and more.

Phishing & Awareness Training

Build your human firewall

Over 90of data breaches start with a malicious email. Do you know how your users will respond to the next attackOur product for phishing simulation and awareness training helps you increase resilience against social engineering through simulated email attacks, like phishing, spear phishing, and ransomware - together with tailored awareness training. 

Simulate social engineering

Simulated email attacks, such as phishing, spear phishing, ransomware, and CEO/CFO phishing or create your own custom simulations.

Automated awareness training

Depending on the behavior of each user in the simulation, tailored awareness training is automatically composed and presented to the user.

Statistics & reports

Based on the results of the simulation you get detailed statistics that help you identify weak users.


Through continuous simulations, you make sure to keep your users up to date with the constantly shifting and latest threats.