Secure your Azure cloud infrastructure

More and more organizations are moving their infrastructure into the cloud. Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of advantages, but with these advantages comes an increased risk exposure. Cloud technology is easily accessible, which means that just as easily as you launch a new system, a new vulnerability could easily appear. As the owner of the cloud infrastructure, you are still responsible for security by ensuring that your systems are patched and properly configured. Something that today poses a major challenge.


Gain visibility into your Azure systems and find vulnerabilities with continuous and automated vulnerability management for networks and systems.


Scan local and public systems and web applications in Azure with our tailored Scanner Appliance.


Find vulnerabilities in web applications in AWS with continuous and automated vulnerability management for web applications.

Web App Scanning

Gain visibility into your Azure systems

Our web application scanner automatically and continuously scans your web applications and APIs for an ever-increasing number of vulnerabilities. We find OWASP's top 10 vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, weak passwords, and exposed system information and personal data – in all types of applications.

System & Network Scanning

Scan local and public systems in Azure

Our automated and continuous system and network scanner provide unparalleled coverage and comprehensive insight to enable you to detect vulnerabilities, assess risk, find blank spots and prioritize remediation for every asset in every environment - public, local, cloud, IoT, container, as well as OT and SCADA.

Want to know more?

We love to tell you more about how you can scan your public and local Azure infrastructure. Detect and manage vulnerabilities with Holm Security VMP.


New technologies - new risks

Holm Security VMP (Vulnerability Management Platform) is a comprehensive platform for detecting and managing vulnerabilities. You can scan services as well as public and local infrastructure in Azure. Local scanning is made possible by installing our Scanner Appliance tailored for Azure. In this way, you will gain an overall understanding of vulnerabilities in your environment, such as Windows and Linux systems, and you can quickly take action when new vulnerabilities are detected.

Extensive compliance features

The platform includes compliance features with, e.g., PCI, GDPR, NIS, PDPA, PDPB, OWASP top 10, ISO/IEC 27001, HIPAA, and SOX.

Integrations for efficient work

We offer a complete platform API for integrations with, e.g., SIEM and SOC solutions and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery solutions. It allows you to work more efficiently with your vulnerability data in the system you prefer.