Alok Sahay Country Manager India Saarc

Alok Sahay
Sales Director India & SAARC
+91 8800-67 77 99

Welcome to India!

Hi! My name is Alok and I'm your local representative in India. Looking for a cyber security solution and vulnerability management? Let's talk! 

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Faurani Ahmad Sales director Southeast Asia

Ahmad Faurani
Sales Director Southeast Asia
+60 19 434 2727

Welcome to Malaysia!

Hi! My name is Ahmad Faurani and I'm your local representative in Malaysia. Looking for a cyber security solution and vulnerability management? Let's talk! 

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Cristian Miranda
Key Account Manager, Finland
+46 8-550 05 582


Hei! Nimeni on Cristian ja olen paikallinen edustajasi Suomessa. Etsitkö tietoturvaratkaisua ja haavoittuvuuksien hallintaa? 

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Victor Bunge Meyer
Key Account Manager, Sverige
+46 08-550 05 582

Holm Security i Sverige

Välkommen till Holm Security i Sverige! Jag heter Victor och är din lokala kontakt. Kontakta mig om du vill veta mera om vår platform för sårbarhetsanalyser. 

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Beth Murrell holm security

Beth Murrell
Account Manager, Benelux
+31-20-238 63 94

Welkom in de Benelux!

Mijn naam is Beth Murrell en ik ben uw lokale vertegenwoordiger in Nederland, België en Luxemburg. Op zoek naar een cyberveiligheidsoplossing en kwetsbaarheidsbeheer? Laten we praten!

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jens dahlkvist holm security

Jens Dahlkvist
Key Account Manager, Norge
+46 8-550 05 582

Holm Security i Norge

Velkommen til Holm Security i Norge! Jeg heter Jens og er din lokale kontaktperson.Kontakt meg hvis du vil vite mer om vår plattform for sårbarhetsanalyser.

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Ronnie Jensen

Ronnie Jensen
Country Manager Denmark
+45 31 12 10 05

Holm Security i Danmark

Velkommen til Holm Security i Danmark! Mit navn er Ronnie og jeg er din lokale kontaktperson. Kontakt mig, hvis du vil vide mere om vores sårbarhedsanalyseplatform.

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Holm Security Professional

Holm Security Professional (HSP) is a comprehensive on-premise platform for continuous and automated risk-based vulnerability assessment. HSP offers a number of product and support benefits along with a lower license cost and a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) compared to several other products on the market. In addition, you get a very powerful and unique service for automated phishing simulating and awareness training, to increases your users' resilience against social engineering. 


All-in-one platform

HSP automatically and continuously scans your networks, systems, web applications, and APIs for an ever-growing number of vulnerabilities, and detects old software, exposed services and features, misconfigured systems, and weak passwords. HSP also automatically maps your network so that you get a clear overview of all your assets - regardless of geographical location.

Automatic & continuous 

Just in a month, there are thousands of new known vulnerabilities. Scheduled and continuous scans find new vulnerabilities quickly. 

Systematic & proactive 

Our platform provides a great foundation for systematic and risk-based work with your cyber security defense. 

cyber security risk-based

Don’t get lost by all the data. Our platform helps you understand what vulnerabilities to remediate first through a number of automated and simple tools. 

cyber security complete coverage
Complete coverage 

We cover every asset in every environment - public, local, cloud, IoT, container as well as OT and SCADA. 



  • All-in-one platform for vulnerability management. 
  • Supports a risk-based vulnerability management approach. 
  • Scan unlimited assets. 
  • An unlimited number of scans. 
  • Automatic and scheduled scans and reports. 
  • Phishing and awareness training included. 
  • Automatic updates. 
  • Lower license cost and lower TCO. 
  • Qualified product support. 

Phishing simulation & awareness training

Phishing simulation & awareness-training included

HSP includes an innovative and powerful product to increase resilience to email attacks such as ransomware, phishing, and spear phishing. Through simulations and built-in training and awareness functions, you create an understanding of your risk exposure and at the same time increase the users' resilience.


Features & functions

  • System & Network Scanning 
  • Web Application Scanning 
  • Phishing & awareness training (simulation of phishing, ransomware, etc. – provided from the cloud) 
  • Full automation - scheduling of scans and reports 
  • Multi-user support and tools for collaboration within your organization 
  • Discovery scanning 
  • Vulnerability management  
  • Remediation  
  • Continuous monitoring 
  • Unauthenticated and authenticated scanning 
  • Policy scanning (based on CIS Benchmarks) 
  • Compliance functions for GDPR, PDPA, NIS, HIPAA, SOX, ISO27001, and more 


Holm Security Professional

  • All the features you need 
    All features and functions are included, such as asset management, discovery scanning, vulnerability management, remediation, and continuous monitoring. 
  • Unlimited scanning
    Includes an unlimited number of assets and an unlimited number of scans. 
  • Phishing simulation & awareness  
    Includes unlimited qualified product support provided by our local support teams. 

Holm Security Professional

Fixed price




/ year

3.000 USD/year.
Unlimited assets and scans.

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  • All the features you need
  • Unlimited scanning 
  • Phishing simulation & awareness  training


Here we answer the most frequent questions. We love to answer questions you have about vulnerability management in general or about our platform.

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How is HSP installed? 

HSP is installed in your virtual environment as a virtual appliance. We support all common virtualization platforms. 

Are updates done automatically? 

Yes, platform and vulnerability test updates are automated.  

How long does it take to get started? 

It takes just a few hours to get started. 

How is HSP in relation to the competition? 

HSP has been benchmarked against other market-leading products, such as Nessus and InsightVM, and the scan results are equal in terms of vulnerability findings.  

Can I use HSP as a consultant? 

Yes, HSP can be used by consultants and penetration testers. 

What technical platform is HSP build on? 

HSP’s foundation is the same as the other market-leading products.