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India’s Personal Data Protection Bill

PDPB is inspired by GDPR and serves the same purpose. It was introduced in India’s parliament on December 11, 2019, the Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB) sets rules for how personal data should be processed and stored, and lists people’s rights with respect to their personal information. It also proposes to create an independent new Indian regulatory authority, the Data Protection Authority (DPA), to carry out this law. The bill also sets out grounds for exemption.

Almost all businesses across India’s economy will have to meet the bill’s conditions. This will include not just e-commerce, social media, and IT companies, but also brick-and-mortar shops, real estate companies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. The only exceptions will be “small entities” (businesses like small retailers that collect information manually and meet other conditions to be specified by the DPA).

Implies security requirements

The Indian Personal Data Protection Bill implies the same security measures as GDPR. Processors of personal data are required to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the security of personal data.

Protect your personal data with Holm Security

This is how we help your organization to comply with security requirements implied by PDPB already today.

Manage and point out systems that hold personal information.
Asset management.Point out and manage your systems that keep personal data with our Asset Management function.
Leakage of personal data from systems.
Vulnerability management of networks and systems.
Our service Network Scanning detects vulnerabilities in networks and systems that hold or are related to personal data.
Users leaking personal data.
Social engineering and phishing simulation of users in your IT environment.Our service Fraud Risk Assessment is used to measure and increase resilience to attempts to get your users to leak personal information.
Exposed personal data.
Vulnerability management of web applications.
Our service Web Application Scanning detects exposed personal information in web applications.
Incident reporting
Reports can be produced on specific vulnerabilities for reporting to the Data Inspectorate.
Reports to Data Protection Offices (DPO).
Automatic reports adapted for the personal data controller that gives a clear picture of how secure networks and systems are related to personal data.
Reports for management and board.
Automatic reports adapted for management and board.
Remediate vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability Manager
Information and work tools to remediate vulnerabilities in systems related to personal data.