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ISO/IEC 27001

Vulnerability assessment for compliance with ISO/IEC 27001

To comply with ISO/IEC 27001, the IT environment must be analysed on an ongoing basis to detect risks. Our platform, Holm Security VMP, helps you to comply with ISO/IEC 27001 with continuous and automated vulnerability assessment of networks and web applications.

Our solution

This is how we help your organization to meet the challenges of ISO/IEC 27001:

Systematic analysis of the IT environment to detect vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability assessment of networks and systems.
Our Network Scanning and Web Application Scanning services detect network and system vulnerabilities.
Reports to show compliance.
Reports.Automatically generated reports for management, the board and auditors.
Solving vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability Manager.
Information and tools for solving vulnerabilities in networks and systems, as well as web applications.