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Fraud Risk Assessment

How safe are your users?

In many cases, you may find that the largest security risks in an organization are not due to the IT environment itself, but due to the behavior of the users within it.  Systems, servers, and computers can be safeguarded and analyzed for security, but how safe are your users? How can you test them? Fewer than one percent of all organizations in Sweden measure how resilient their employees or users are to things like phishing attempts, and therefore don’t have any idea how vulnerable they truly are.

Holm Security VMP is an innovative tool that allows for the risk assessment of users within your organization’s IT environment through social engineering. Using statistics from the analysis, you can know when it’s time to take appropriate measures like educating users on risk awareness.

Simulate social engineering

With this service, you’ll be able to send out simulated phishing emails to users in a so-called ‘sandbox’, meaning that the analysis is done without risk to your IT system or users, using emails and special webpages. The service follows a variety of templates, or you may choose to create your own. In this way, you’ll be able to test advanced social engineering attempts – called ‘spear phishing’ – targeted at specific user groups within your organization.

Privacy by design

Our product operates on a privacy by design principle, meaning that all user data is private and never compromised. All user reports and analysis are completely anonymous and no sensitive data is stored.


The results of this service are presented in terms of opened emails, clicks, and completed forms. These statistics are anonymous and not linked to individual users, but rather provided as an aggregated of data. You can compare various analysis results to see if changes to social engineering attempts result in more or less security compromises.