Energy sector

Energy companies are facing considerable cyber security threats with far-reaching impacts on both infrastructure and social security. Significantly reduce your cyber-related risks with a structured, systematic, and proactive cyber security approach. We’ll help you understand and remediate the vulnerabilities you have - today and in the future.

Secure operations

Find vulnerabilities before any cybercriminal does and ensure your operations run without any disruption.

Gain insight

Gain visibility into all your assets in all corners of your IT environment.


Meet existing laws, regulations, and compliance requirements, like GDPR and NIS (Network and Information Security).


Foreign powers - a growing threat

The energy sector has seen a significant increase in cyber attacks, with foreign powers have accounted for millions of attacks against organizations in the past years. The cyber threats facing electric-power and gas companies include the typical threats that plague other industries: data theft, billing fraud, and ransomware but also industrial espionage, sabotage. For energy companies, the main risk to consider is sabotage of the energy network.

Customers within the energy sector

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Meet the NIS directive

In August 2018, new and decisive legislation came into force based on the EU-directive NIS (Network and Information Security). The law tightens the requirements for information security in terms of integrity and availability for operators in sectors that provide essential services.

The background of the NIS directive is the increased threat for all types of organizations, and non-compliance can have serious consequences. Vulnerability assessment can help you create a systematic, structured, and continuous approach and comply with regulations.

Keep your organization secure

Holm Security VMP

Holm Security VMP is a modern vulnerability management solution delivering unparalleled 360-degree coverage and comprehensive insight. Detect vulnerabilities, assess risk, and prioritize remediation for every asset in your entire infrastructure.

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