Alok Sahay Country Manager India Saarc

Alok Sahay
Sales Director India & SAARC
+91 8800-67 77 99

Welcome to India!

Hi! My name is Alok and I'm your local representative in India. Looking for a cyber security solution and vulnerability management? Let's talk! 

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Faurani Ahmad Sales director Southeast Asia

Ahmad Faurani
Sales Director Southeast Asia
+60 19 434 2727

Welcome to Malaysia!

Hi! My name is Ahmad Faurani and I'm your local representative in Malaysia. Looking for a cyber security solution and vulnerability management? Let's talk! 

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Cristian Miranda
Key Account Manager, Finland
+46 8-550 05 582

Tervetuloa Suomeen!

Hei! Nimeni on Cristian ja olen paikallinen edustajasi Suomessa. Etsitkö tietoturvaratkaisua ja haavoittuvuuksien hallintaa? Puhutaan!

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Victor Bunge Meyer
Key Account Manager, Sverige
+46 08-550 05 582

Holm Security i Sverige

Välkommen till Holm Security i Sverige! Jag heter Victor och är din lokala kontakt. Kontakta mig om du vill veta mera om vår platform för sårbarhetsanalyser. 

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Beth Murrell holm security

Beth Murrell
Account Manager, Benelux
+31-20-238 63 94

Welkom in de Benelux!

Mijn naam is Beth Murrell en ik ben uw lokale vertegenwoordiger in Nederland, België en Luxemburg. Op zoek naar een cyberveiligheidsoplossing en kwetsbaarheidsbeheer? Laten we praten!

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jens dahlkvist holm security

Jens Dahlkvist
Key Account Manager, Norge
+46 8-550 05 582

Holm Security i Norge

Velkommen til Holm Security i Norge! Jeg heter Jens og er din lokale kontaktperson.Kontakt meg hvis du vil vite mer om vår plattform for sårbarhetsanalyser.

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Ronnie Jensen

Ronnie Jensen
Country Manager Denmark
+45 31 12 10 05

Holm Security i Danmark

Velkommen til Holm Security i Danmark! Mit navn er Ronnie og jeg er din lokale kontaktperson. Kontakt mig, hvis du vil vide mere om vores sårbarhedsanalyseplatform.

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Resilient grid operations

Energy companies face great cyber security threats with possible impacts on the power grid. Sabotage can have a serious impact on infrastructure and social security. These threats are not least coming from foreign powers. With a structured and systematic approach to cyber security, you can significantly reduce cyber-related risks. Holm Security helps your energy company understand and the vulnerabilities you have - today and in the future. As well as implement a structured, systematic, and proactive cyber security approach.

Gain insight

Gain visibility into all your assets in all corners of your IT environment.


Create a great foundation for your cyber security defense with our platform, with a systematic and risk-based approach. 


Be one step ahead of cybercriminals with a proactive approach. 

Threat landscape

Foreign powers - a growing threat

The energy sector has seen a significant increase in cyber attacks, with foreign powers have accounted for millions of attacks against organizations in the past years. The cyber threats facing electric-power and gas companies include the typical threats that plague other industries: data theft, billing fraud, and ransomware but also industrial espionage, sabotage. For energy companies, the main risk to consider is sabotage of the energy network.


Experienced player

We have extensive experience in helping energy companies implement a successful vulnerability management program. It gives us a great understanding of your particular challenge. 


Strong within the energy sector

SE - Molndal energi kraftringen customer holm security SE - SEOM SE-Gasnätet se - hedemora energi SE - Falbygdens ernergi NO hallingdal kraftnett NO Hågogaland kraft


Meet the NIS directive

In August 2018, new and important legislation came into force based on the EU-directive NIS (Network and Information Security). The law tightens the requirements for information security in terms of integrity and availability for operators in sectors that provide essential services.

The background of the NIS directive is the increased threat for all types of organizations and non-compliance can lead to serious consequences. Vulnerability assessment can help you create a systematic, structured, and continuous approach and comply with regulations.


System & Network Scanning

Take control over the security in your systems and networks. We support all parts of your infrastructure – public, local, cloud, IoT, containers as well as OT and SCADA.


Web Application Scanning

One of the most powerful web application scanners on the market finding all types of vulnerabilities, like OWASP top 10Also scanning APIs.


Phishing & Awareness Training

Increase resilience against email attacks through simulation of email attacks, like phishing, spear phishing, and ransomware attacks. Built-in automated awareness training.