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Vulnerability Assessement – It’s a no-brainer.
Most companies don’t have the skillsets and expertise needed to maintain effective IT security in the modern day. IT develops at a rapid pace, meaning new threats – and new ways of combating them – pop up constantly. For this reason, it’s important for companies to have IT security experts on their side. A vulnerbility assessment, like those conducted by Holm Security, helps to identify and remedy both internal and external threats before they can do damage to your organization.
By Stefan Thelberg Topics: Vulnerability assessment, Penetration testing


A vulnerbility assessment is exactly what it sounds like - an analysis of the vulnerability of a company's IT structures and solutions. Tests are conducted to find weak points, summarize them, and then provide constructive suggestions for measures an organization can take to solve them. An analysis can consist of things like penetration tests attempting to attack and infiltrate a network in order access information. Another common practice is to scan where servers and other devices on a network are mapped to and investigate the kind of traffic that has access to them. By scanning and searching for openings in, for example, network ports, unintentional access points can be secured before they become a problem.

Scope and results

Vulnerbility assessment may vary depending on each business and their needs, as a security solution is only as strong as its weakest link. These weak links can stretch beyond technical implementations however, and can include things like IT routines and protocols within a company (for example, a well-protected network also has clear user policies). An example of poorer IT routines might be lax rules on giving out password recovery information when a user calls in (without confirming they are in-fact the user in question) or the way in which user data is stored. These small issues won’t cause problems most of the time, but all it takes is one instance of exploitation for them to become a major headache.

Proper vulnerbility assessment can also identify other weak links and propose steps that should be taken by the organization. This may involve moving a software that has security vulnerabilities from a resource on the network to another that is not directly connected to the company's Internet services. It could also be a plugging a hole in an incorrectly configured firewall.

Conduct a vulnerbility assessment today

At Holm Security, we aim to make vulnerbility assessment easier and more transparent by offering it as part of our platform that anyone can use and make sense of - not just IT experts. Our own security experts are well aware of the threats facing companies today and how they are addressed, and therefore able to easily present problems and solutions for you. By using our tools, you’ll ensure a thorough review of any of your networks, software, and company routines that could cause a lack of security. The analysis also provides a basis for how a plan of action can look for your company to secure its IT setup and reduce the risk of an attack. These measures are important for every company, but organizations which deal with sensitive information or have an active presence on the Internet are especially wise to invest in their security.

About the author
Founder and CEO of Holm Security. Stefan is one of Sweden's most prominent cyber security entrepreneurs, previously founded the Swedish Webhosting Group and Stay Secure. Stay Secure was the largest email security provider in northern Europe. He has worked with sales of IT security products towards the private and public sector for close to 20 years.

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