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GGI Veilig
The winners of the GGI Veilig Tender were finally announced on July 16th, 2019. This tender is organized by the Association of Dutch Municipalities (“VNG”) and is intended to support Dutch municipalities in increasing their digital resilience and making the IT infrastructure safer.
By Jan Willem Plokkaar Topics: Public sector

Availability, integrity and confidentiality

The Dutch municipalities have a major responsibility to secure and protect their information provision. The requirements for the availability, integrity and confidentiality of these information systems are described in the Dutch Information Security Baseline for Governments (“BIO”). GGI-Veilig consists of a portfolio of products and services for operational information security. Municipalities can purchase active network security monitoring via GGI-Veilig. Security products are also purchased for the IT infrastructure (such as firewalls, anti-DDOS, end-point protection). Finally, security expertise services can be purchased.

The winners

KPN is the contracted supplier for Lot 1 (Managed SIEM / SOC services). KPN, Protinus IT and Telindus signed for lot 2 (Additional security products / services). Six suppliers were selected for lot 3: Capgemini, BDO Advisory, KPN, Ordina, IT-Staffing and Protinus IT (security expertise services).

Protinus IT & Holm Security

In the run-up to the tender, Protinus IT and Holm Security proved to be a good match in the area of one of the sub-lots; Vulnerability scanning. With increasing experience within the municipal sector, Holm Security wants to contribute to securing and protecting municipalities in the Netherlands, by creating insight into the IT landscape of municipalities and the awareness of employees.

Perform a scan today

At Holm Security, we want to make detection of vulnerabilities easier and more transparent by simply explaining and offering it. This way anyone can manage and understand it. With the online security environment, it becomes clear, at a glance, what the status of your IT environment is. 

To view the status of your IT environment, we invite you to perform a test scan today. In the upcoming months we will invest a lot of time in reaching out to the municipalities in the Netherlands. For those who can't wait, feel free to contact us.

We help you with regular testing of security systems and risk assessment.

Read about how our Network Scanning and Web Application Scanning services continuously scan your networks and systems for vulnerabilities. 
About the author
Jan Willem has over 7 years of experience of business development within the IT-security and telecom industry. He is the Country Manager of the Netherlands at Holm Security.

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