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Our platform is a great foundation for creating a profitable business within cyber security. We provide a powerful platform so that you can provide valuable services to your customershelping them strengthen their cyber security defense. We are your committed partner within Vulnerability Management.

All-in-one platform

Comprehensive coverage that meets your customers’ requirements.

A partnership that suits you

We work with different partner models. Choose one that fits your needs.

Manage customers with one click

Create and manage your customers' accounts instantly in Organizer.


Big enough to deliver - small enough to care

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Flexibility throughout

It’s easy to be a partner with Holm Security. We’re flexiblefast-moving and creates a tailored partnership based on your needs. 

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Local relation

We have local resources in multiple regions in Europe and Asia. This creates a unique partnership within Vulnerability Management. 

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All-in-one platform

One platform with comprehensive coverage that meets your customers’ requirements. Simple product suite without the need for different products or modules.

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Integrated with your ecosystem

Make Vulnerability Management a part of your ecosystem. Integrate with your service and product offering like penetration testing, SIEM, and SOC services.

Which partnership suites you?

Every partner relation with Holm Security is unique. Here are some of the partner models that we work with today. Consider it a starting point.


Create Professional Services packages - our platform in combination with your services. 


Flexible partnership for Managed Security Service Providers. Read more about our MSSP program.


Create new business opportunities with a proven platform and technology.


Manage customers with one click

Organizer is a powerful multi-tenant portal that enables you as a partner to manage your customers with just a few clicks. It simplifies and streamlines the day-to-day administration and reduces lead times – creating a better experience for your customer.


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Manage customers 

Create and manage customer accounts instantly in Organizer.

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Centralized management

Instant, yet secure, centralized login to customer's Security Center. 

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Safe & secure

User management and permissions for access to customer's Security Center.

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Statistics over product usage for different customers. 


Partner Program

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Technical and sales onboarding to make sure you feel confident selling, implementing, and maintaining our platform 

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Education & training 

Continuous education and training to make sure you’re up to date with Vulnerability Management in general and new features and products in the platform.

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Certified Partner

As a Holm Security Certified Partner, you get several benefits reaching out to prospects and working with your customers implementing and maintaining our platform. 

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Become a partner

Partnership with Holm Security is straightforward.

  • Flexibility throughout
    It’s easy to be a partner with Holm Security. We’re flexible, fast-moving, and creates a tailored partnership based on your needs.
  • Local relation
    We have local resources in multiple regions in Europe and Asia. This creates a unique partnership within vulnerability management.
  • All-in-one platform
    Platform with comprehensive coverage that meets your customers’ requirements. Simple product without the need for different products or modules.
  • Multi-tenant portal
    Create and manage your customers with just a few clicks using Organizer. Simple, fast, and secure.
  • Integrated with your ecosystem
    Make vulnerability management a part of your ecosystem. Integrate with your service and product offering like penetration testing, SIEM, and SOC services.

Recognition & certifications