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Web App Scanning

Web apps - a major security risk

Over 42 million security incidents are detected annually and that number is increasing rapidly. Gartner estimates that 75% of attacks occur at the application layer, which makes web applications (websites) the most vulnerable layer of your network. Because web apps usually are exposed to the internet it increases the risk of vulnerabilities being exploited by hackers.

Automated & continuous

Our web app scanning (Web Application Security, WAS) automatically and continuously scans your web apps for a large number of vulnerabilities and other security issues.

Complete workflow

To discover vulnerabilities is one thing, but to handle high volumes of data in a way conducive with increased security is another. The service includes remediation and a range of different types of reports that can be customized to your needs. With the help of our reports, you’ll be able to understand and prioritize your vulnerabilities. You can, for instance, easily schedule a report that is best-suited for your management.